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  • Jort Brouwer

    Jort Brouwer
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Jort Brouwer started his career in Naval Architecture in 1987 as a draughtsman in a small naval architects studio near Amsterdam. In 1988 he joined Allseas to work on many projects, one of them being the first concepts of the Solitaire pipe lay vessel.  Looking to broaden his horizon, Jort decided to free-lance for a while, initially in the Netherlands and subsequently in Singapore, Japan and Italy. Over this period he was involved in many design projects ranging from large private motor- and sailing yachts to crane barges and patrol vessels. Upon returning to the Netherlands in 2006 he decided to focus on installation and exploration vessels, and joined GustoMSC. At Gusto he coordinated many basic design projects, and also went to China to supervise the detailed design of one of GustoMSC’s drillships. In 2010 Jort founded Dutch Offshore Innovators, and with a team of young engineers as well as seasoned specialists, the company is carrying out innovative conceptual designs as well as complex basic designs.

  • Bart van Muylwijk

    Bart van Muylwijk
    Junior Naval Architect
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Bart van Muilwijk joined Dutch Offshore Innovators in 2014 while doing an internship as part of his polytechnic education in Naval Architecture at the STC Rotterdam. Continuing to work at Dutch Offshore Innovators Bart developed himself as a capable draughtsman, in 2D as well as 3D. In 2016, Bart started a part-time bachelor’s course in Mechanical Engineering to fulfil his ambition of expanding knowledge and broaden his scope of work.

  • Desmond Eisinger

    Desmond Eisinger

    Desmond Eisinger is a creative Naval Architect with a passion for engineering towards an efficient, reliable and effective vessel design. After his graduation in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture from The Rotterdam Mainport University, he joined an engineering company specializing in Finite Element Analyses, where he performed many analyses on strength, rigidity and fatigue of marine structures. In the beginning of 2017 he joined Dutch Offshore Innovators as a Naval Architect, specializing in strength and motion analyses.

  • Gerbert Kuiper

    Gerbert Kuiper

    Gerbert Kuiper is a seasoned Naval Architect who graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture from the InHolland University in Haarlem, The Netherlands.  Following his graduation he worked for a number of engineering companies, amongst which SBM Offshore and Vuijk Engineering.  Being very experienced as a structural engineer doing both direct calculations and Finite Element Analyses, as well as having experience in stability calculations, he is a welcome addition to the team.  End of 2016 he joined Dutch Offshore Innovators as a Naval Architect, with a focus on strength and stability.

  • Han Schierbeek

    Han Schierbeek

    Han Schierbeek started at Dutch Offshore Innovators doing his graduation thesis project to become a Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture from Rotterdam Mainport University. The subject of the thesis is on the connection of deck mounted modules to the panel deck of a light weight semi-submersible platform. In anticipation of the results of his thesis and having proven himself to be a smart and solution finding person, he has joined Dutch Offshore Innovators as an intern to perform naval architectural calculations and analyses.

  • Selma Naim

    Selma Naim

    Halfway 2017 Selma Naim joined Dutch Offshore Innovators as an intern as part of her pre Bachelor education to become a ship- and yacht building specialist.  She is quick to learn and a clever draughtsman.

  • Kenneth Vonk

    Kenneth Vonk

    As part of his pre Bachelor education, Kenneth Vonk joined Dutch Offshore Innovators for his internship as draughtsman in the field of ship- and yacht building.  Being a fan of watersports he already had a good feel for water, boats and technology.  He has proven himself to be a valued addition to the team as a junior draughtsman.

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